New area codes in Canada

The introduction of new area codes is the result of decisions by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The growing demand for communications services has increased the requirement for phone numbers in several regions across Canada.

When phone numbers start to run out in certain areas, new area codes are created to meet demand. Adding a new area code enables more than seven million new phone numbers to be created!

Introducing a new area code within a region already served by another code creates only minor changes. Adding an area code using the overlay method does not cause any numbers to change for existing customers. And, local calling areas also remain the same.

  • Only new telephone lines are affected by this addition
  • Existing numbers keep the same area code and are not changed in any way
  • Local calling areas remain the same
  • The 9-1-1 emergency number remains a three-digit number throughout the area
  • For your local calls, you will always enter 10 digits (area code + local number)

New area codes have been successfully introduced in Canada to manage a growing shortage of telephone numbers. Other new area codes will be introduced in the upcoming years Click here for the Canadian area code map